The Earth Day

World Earth Day

Once Mother Earth was an abode of peace and tranquility. There was an ideal environment where birds and beasts in the midst of forests abounded with trees and the Flora and Fauna. There prevailed heavily ecology. But with the increase of population and advancement of civilization and extension of habitation forests have been destroyed. The setting up of mills and factories, and emergence of automobiles the environment has been pollution. Pollution of earth, air and water has alarmingly increased. The ecology is disrupted badly and many species of animals have been extinct. Therefore, the burning question of the day is the protection of the earth and the restoration of the environment With this end in view ‘The Earth Day’ is observed on the 5th June every year. All over the world to aware people of the evils of environment pollution and their duty to do the needful for the protection of the earth and make it tit for the survival of man and other animals.

(NB. The Earth Day was observed in 1970 initiated by the United Nations with the good offices of the leading nations. In 1990 it was observed on the 22nd April with greater and extensive awareness marked by millions of people in more than 120 countries. It was the largest demonstration of public concern ever seen on any issue. The Washington- based ‘World Watch Institute’ publishes in its report the greatest concern of the environmentalists about the continuing deterioration of global environment.)
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