Patriotism | A Sense Of Love For Own Motherland

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Patriotism implies the ardent love of an individual for his motherland and his fervent willingness to sacrifice anything for the protection, welfare and interest of the land where he is born, brought up and nourished. It is, indeed, one of the greatest virtues of a citizen. The great saying ‘Janani Janmabhumischa swargadapi gariashi’ is very pertinent here. It means ‘mother and motherland are greater than paradise’. Naturally it is incumbent for us and for any honest citizen to serve the motherland. He who dose not love his motherland, is no better than a beast or a traitor. He is looked down upon as a betrayer. He never holds any esteem in spite of his high social status and immense wealth. He is a disgrace to his countrymen. In death he goes to the vile dust most disgracefully and ingloriously and remains upraised, unsung and unhonoured. Great leaders like C.R.Das, Netaji Subhash, Mahatma Gandhi were inspired with burning patriotism to dedicate themselves for the freedom of our country. People of developed nations are heart and soul patriots. Unfortunately patriotism has today become an unknown matter in our country. Our political leaders today by and large lack in this quality very deplorably and ominously. They are all corrupt hypocrites. So younger generations should try to be honest and try to acquire patriotism.
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