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The Tricolour National Flag of India, our native land, symbolizes our independence and sovereignty. It first came into being in 1921 with the design of the combination of the charming saffron, white and green colour with the spinning wheel representing the toiling masses. The present shape was adopted by the Indian constituent Assembly on the 23rd July, 1947 with ‘Dharma Chakra’ of Ashoka replacing the wheel in the middle. Each part of the flag bears a great and ennobling significance. It is hoisted on all national day. The saffron on the top represents the spirit of sacrifice. White in the middle is the symbol of peace and truth. The green stands for faith, freshness and Chivalry. The white strip implies India’s determination to pursue the path of truth and bring about peace and amity among nations. The wheel in the middle signifies peace and prosperity. It also indicates the wheel of time which reminds us of the fleeting of time and human life. Our national life is very solemn and signifies our national dignity. Any insult or dishonour to it, is an insult to the nation. So every Indian should be ready to sacrifice anything to protect its dignity.
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