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India is rather a continent than a sub-continent with vast area having a population of more than a billion. The people of different regions have different languages, cultures, sartorial, religious faiths and different food habitat and life style. Even in Tripura having a population hardly 35 lakhs, has people of different cultures and languages not intelligible to one another. In spite of these diversities, there are many common cultures among them around the country. People are mostly theists who are devoted to their respective religious faiths. They are generous, sympathetic, hospitable and devoted to parents. They are very social, Iaw -abiding and non-violent. They believe heart and soul that ‘to serve man, is to serve God’ and that human heart is the abode of God. They take pride in their heritage, the nation and nationality. Follow feeling is their Characteristic. So they follow the principle ‘live and let live’. Their favourite books are the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, the Vedas and the Upanishads, which have been inspiring and guiding them through ages. India has a rich heritage and culture worthy to be received by other nations. Yet the Indians are never fanatic or dogmatic. So they have easily accepted the cultures and languages of the foreigners and enrich their own ones with them. Unfortunately some adventurist youth being influenced and financed by inimical countries have given up the classical cultures of India, have been up and doing to destroy our culture and impose unwanted cultures on our people. They will surely fail in the long run.
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