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India, our motherland, is a vast country having a rich heritage. Because of her vastness and great diversity, it is rather a continent than a sub- continent. She has vast plains, lofty mountains, long rivers with their tributaries, dense forests, deep seas and lakes, beautiful vales and dales, great plateaus, big deserts and charming sea- cost. More than one hundred crore people live here in great amity and sweet relationship in spite of their diversity in language, culture, religion, dress and way of life. India has all along been protected by the great Himalayas on the North and East and by the seas on the West and South. Yet foreign invaders invaded the land since pre historic days time and again to kill the people and plunder their wealth. Yet India advanced in civilization. So we have a rich heritage consisting of art, literature, philosophy, spiritualism science and technology. We have great epics of international importance. Unfortunately some anti national and secessionist forces have been trying to disrupt our unity, hinder the progress and fragment the land in connivance with and inspired by the subversive forces from within and without the country. So we must all be aware of it and work heart and soul to maintain the integrity of the nation for a prosperous and happier India.
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