Child Labor

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Child Labor

Child Labour refers to those children who are below 14 years but engaged in various manual and hazards works to earn something for the family. These children come of poverty- stricken toiling families living in the slums and rustic societies. They are deprived of literacy and other basic amenities of life. They are forced to work in the affluent families. They look after their Children and perform other household works. Many of them work in the factories, brick field, agricultural farms, and stone-quarries. Lakhs of such children have to work in jobs ranging from shining shoes. Carrying loads, cutting canes, assembling fireworks, weaving carpets, breaking stones etc. All these can stunt their growth and cause permanent injury physically and mentally. Many of them fall victims of acute diseases and die permanently. Many of them grow up as antisocial elements, resort to crimes, become wagon- breakers, thieves and dacoits. But it is a herculean task to solve the problem. However, with the introduction of compulsory education and NREGA the system of child labour is expected to be on the wave.

Anti- Child Labour Day is observed on 12th June all over the world. About twelve and a half crore children work as labour in the world.

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