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Census means the official enumeration of the population of a Nation including the counting of houses, firms, the occupation of people, their position and possessions, the unemployed and the handicapped (The scientific study of population is known as demography). Census started with the investigations by John Graunt in the 17th century AD. Prior to that census was introduced in Greece. The old Testament mentions the military enumeration(one at the exodus of the fighting men of Israel and the non- military Levites and others by Jacob at the command of David. In Babylonia in the 3rd Millennium B.C a complete survey is said to have been done for fiscal purposes). Such kind of census is said to have been in ancient Persia, China and Egypt. Periodic census of modern form was initiated in Egypt and France in 1801. Since, then it has been done after every decade. In Independent India the first census was done in 1951.

In modern world Census is very important for the government and the citizens. it is the detailed study of the population, the ration of men and women, the literate and the illiterate. A state is like a family. The head of it must know the needs and the requirements of the members. Thus as the head of the state. the govt. must be aware of the actual economic conditions of the citizens, the quantity of food, cloth and other necessaries. So the Government must manage ahead the shortage and find out the ways and means to fulfill the demand. Thus the importance of Census can hardly be over estimated.
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