Basic Knowledge of Computer | Part 1

The Great British Mathematician Charles Babbage, invented Computer between 1833 and 1871. It is one of the best invention of Science.


Charles Babbage (1791- 1871)

What is Computer ?

Answer :- Computer is a Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Technical Educational and Research.

There are basically five types of Computer,

Types of Computer :-
  1. Super Computer 
    Super Computer
  2. Main Frame Computer 
    Main Frame Computer
  3. Mini Computer 
    Mini Computer
  4. Micro Personal Computer 
    Micro Personal Computer
  5. Personal Computer 
    Personal Computer

What is Hardware ?

Answer :- All the physical devices and components of a Computer system which we can see and also touch are known as Hardware.

Example :- Keyboard, Mouse etc.
Keyboard & Mouse

What is Software ?

Answer:- A program or a set of similar program to solve particular jobs is known as Software, in Software we can't touch anything also can see it.

Example :- Adobe Photoshop, Paint etc.
Adobe Photoshop

What is Operating System ?

Answer :- Operating System is a master control program that links Hardware with the Software. It is just like a bridge between Software and Hardware. That is called Operating System.

Example :- D.O.S, Windows 10 etc.
Windows 10

What is Data ?

Answer :- A collection of unorganized items that can include letters, numbers, symbols, Images and Sounds that Computer process and organize it into a meaningful information, that is called Data.
Example :- Date, Time etc.

What is called Information ?

Answer :- A set of Data when forms a meaning then it is known as Information.
Example :- I am CEO of Educated Buddy.

What is U.P.S ?

Answer :- Uninterrupted Power Supply which ensure that the Computer receives pure and constant flow of Power for smooth Operation, that is called U.P.S (Uninterrupted Power Supply). 

What is Desktop ?

Answer :- After booting the first screen we find various Icons of Files and Folders, Task Bar and Background, this is called Desktop.

What is Screensaver ?

Answer :- If we are not working in Computer System while the Computer is on, then there is a constant focusing on the screen of the Monitor. This constant focusing hampers the phosphorus coating of the Screensaver is on option to appear some flying object shafter sometimes when the Computer is idle as it is on.

What is Task Bar ?

Answer :- At the bottom of a Desktop one long blue or white coloured bottom is there, this blue or white coloured bottom is called Task Bar.
Task Bar

What is Folder ?

Answer :- A Folder is like a briefcase or like a directory in D.O.S. There are types of Folder. They are User Folder and System Folder.

What is Recycle Bin ?

Answer :- Recycle Bin is a System Folder. When we delete any Folder or File then it immediately gets stored in the Recycle Bin, and we can also recover the deleted Folder or File from Recycle Bin.
Recycle Bin

What is Icon ?

Answer :- Icon is a pictorial representation of a File or Folder, it is just like a Switch of a File or Folder. So, when we are Double Click or Right Click on an Icon, then the File or Folder will be opened.
Example :- My Computer (P.C), Recycle Bin etc.

What is Shortcut ?

Answer :- Shortcut is just like a Shadow of an Icon of a File or Folder.

What is File ?

Answer :- File the matter in which the actual work is done. There are basically two types of Files.
  1. System File
  2. User File

What is Windows Explorer ?

Answer :- Using Windows Explorer we can Explore the contents of a Folder or Drive i.e. we can see the list of Sub- Folders or Files inside a Folder or a Drive.

Memory Management :-

  • 0 or 1 = 1 Bit
  • 8 Bits = 1 Byte
  • 1024 Bytes = 1 KB
  • 1024 KB = 1 MB
  • 1024 MB = 1 GB
  • 1024 GB = 1 TB......

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