Your Favorite Season

My favourite season is the rainy season. It is the most useful but sometimes very disgusting season. The Bengali months, ‘Ashar’ and ‘Shravan’ comprise the season. After the bitter heat of the summer the season comes with its blessings of showers and gives relief to man, animals and trees. During the season it rains in drizzling and sometimes torrentially for days together. It is the sowing season. So the cultivators have to labour in the rains. They sow seeds. But very often roads become muddy and slippery and go under water. Very often floods break out and cause great less of life and property. Rural people become homeless and shelterless. Crops are damaged. Many bridges are washed away. So communications are disrupted. The sufferings of the poor people beggar description. Yet it is a pleasant season. Trees and plants dry up during the summer. But they get new life and become fresh during the rains. The ponds and rivers become full to the brim during the season. It is refreshing season. So Poets sang in praise of the season and welcomed it.
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