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I have read only a few books of great authors like Tagore, Sarat, Tarasankar, Bankim etc. But my favourite book is ‘Anandamath’ by Bankim Chandra, the great novelist. It is the tale of the noble and dedicated young heroes who possessed burning patriotism and devotion for their mother land. They laid down their lives for the freedom of the mother land and embraced sorrows and sufferings that beggar description. They formed a regiment for the purpose under the leadership of the monk to fight against the alien rulers. They also worked heart and soul to help and uplift the down- trodden (helpless people). Their enchanting slogan was ‘Vandemataram’ that inspired millions of Indians magically. The classical language of Bankim was dominated with Sanskrit most naturally. But the delicate ‘ use of words and verses become pleasant and a rich heritage of Bengali literature. The characters are unique. The plot of the novel and the projection of events and persons have been really unparallel. The book has still a powerful impact upon the minds of the intellectual Bengalees. The book appears to be the holy ‘Gita’ to them for which the author has rightly been called a ‘Hrishi’ or the saint. Inspite of its delicate language, it is evidently very interesting. So it is my favourite book.
Your Favorite Book Your Favorite Book Reviewed by Rahul Namasudra on September 24, 2019 Rating: 5

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