Autobiography of Saint Kabir Das | The Legendary Saint

Kabir Das

Kabir, a legendary saint, was said to be born of a Brahmin woman in 1398 AD. but brought up by a Muslim weaver. He himself was a weaver like his foster father. He sang the glory of Rama while he was engaged in his weaving profession. He was a saint poet and composed many devotional hymns which are sung everywhere everyday even nowadays. He was also a social reformer who worked for Hindu Muslim unity. Truth and honesty were given topmost priority by him and declared that Ram and Rahim were the same. This annoyed the intolerant Muslim rulers very much. He is said to have been condemned to death but survived very miraculously. Kabir did not undergo any formal education but he knew scriptures. He would not accept anything without being convinced. He was financially poor but endowed with the wealth that a saint should possess. He had both Hindu and Muslim followers. In fact, he did not make any distinction between the two communities. The story of his death is also full of mysteries. It is said that after his death in 1518 when his Hindu and Muslim disciples quarrelled whether his mortal remains should be cremated or buried, his body turned into a bunch of flowers.
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