A hobby is a pursuit not related to one’s profession or occupational duties. It is undertaken during one’s spare time for the purpose of fun and recreation and amusement. Different men have different hobbies according to their tastes and temperament. So no single hobby can please everybody. Some of the notable and dignified hobbies are collection of stamps, gathering old coins and rare objects and craft etc. Gardening, sketching, fishing, photographing, bee- keeping etc. are also popular hobbies. Hobbies are very interesting sources of recreational experience. A man cannot keep himself engaged in serious works ceaselessly. It must create monotony that may prove one’s duty dull and boring. It must impose severe strains on body and mind of the concerning person. So everybody requires relaxation for the restoration of one’s energy and new impetus for work afresh. Occupation in hobbies does not mean wastage of time. Many great men are said to have started hobbies for fun but ended in great achievements. Some people began with studying ants and bees but ended with the science of life. Ruskin began with pictures and found they led to economics and everything else. Everybody should therefore take up a hobby with good motive.
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