A Village Fair

The word ‘fair’ is the English synonym of the word ‘mela’ which is an ancient and traditional occurrence in our country. It has been rechristened in numerous names and has come in an endless variety in an unending stream almost in every region through out the length and breadth of the country. Of course, a village- fair is the oldest cultural event and takes place on the occasion of social or religious occasion in front of any holy shrine on the bank of a river or a big pond. Temporary sheds are constructed in different rows and articles are kept in display to attract the customers. Shops are localised for different wares or commodities. Vendors hawk shouting. Villagers come in exodus and wander about to see things and funs. Children generally buy toys, dolls, pipes, whistles, sweets and sports goods etc. Elderly people purchase articles for domestic use. Circus- show, doll dance, wrestling, magic- show, gambling, merry- go- round, folk- song, folk dance etc. are interesting events of fun and enjoyment. Women make offen'ngs to the deities. People meet their friends and relatives and exchange news and views and tales of weal and woe. There prevails a hubbub all around. Villagers set aside their normal duties and visit the fair to enjoy the recreation. So a village fair has great cultural value and recreational value.
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